Mish Mosh

A year in review

Stacey DonaldsonComment

"The only person I ever want to be better than; is the person I was yesterday."


I know most people don't really mess around with New Year's resolutions, but I think they're important. I think it's a good thing want to better yourself, to give yourself the chance to become more of the person you want to be. Last year's goal was to bring Mish Mosh to life. Hours of classes and studio time, one-hundred and twenty-five pounds of clay, two photo sessions, social posts, moving and storing and moving boxes upon boxes, all added up to my first show and my online store. It's feeling very real all of the sudden. None of this would have been possible without the support team I've found myself within. I've had the best instructors, at Lillstreet and Penguin Foot, the muscle of friends hauling boxes around with me, the family and friends that bought the first few pieces of work, the talented Anna for making me look better than I am, and everyone else who encouraged this project.  I haven't fully decided on an end goal for this project, so for now I'll just enjoy the ride and keep learning in the process.

With love,
Mish Mosh