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Ceramic Crush #2: Erica Iman

Stacey DonaldsonComment

Erica Iman's work just sings to me. I first picked up one of her vessels in the gallery at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago. It fit into my hand like a glove, almost hugging my whole palm. Her work feels and speaks of the earth. To quote some of her influence:

The forms are abstracted yet resemble the geological features of their origin, such as glacial ice or weathered rock. By creating work using the material's inherent properties and mimicking processes from nature, I am searching for the essence of the material's structure and the qualities it naturally possesses.

Her mugs feel like sand and water weathered rocks and her sculpture something you might find in the tundra. In fact, she lived and worked in Mongolia for two years with the U.S. Peace Corps and the thread that extends from her time and inspiration there to current work is concise.